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Adecco Sues Longtime Client for Transferring Temp Workforce to Competitor

Staffing giant seeks to recover $1,497,432.44 in conversion fees - did the client read the contract?

I have not seen a temp workforce transfer case this large in a long time, although I did report on two smaller cases last year. It appears the staffing agency may have the upper hand in this one. On March 14, 2023, Adecco filed suit in Ohio against its long-time client Electro Prime, alleging that the customer terminated a 30-year relationship with the staffing giant and arranged for the transfer of at least 148 assigned Adecco workers to another staffing firm, Toledo-based Impact Employment Solutions. The Complaint (attached below) spells out a remarkable story of client intrigue, including distribution of flyers to Adecco temps explaining how they could seamlessly switch their employment to Adecco's competitor, Impact Employment Solutions. Details follow below.

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