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Adecco Sues Longtime Client for Transferring Temp Workforce to Competitor

Staffing giant seeks to recover $1,497,432.44 in conversion fees - did the client read the contract? I have not seen a temp workforce transfer case this large in a long time, although I did report on two smaller cases last year. It appears the staffing agency may
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The Federal Trade Commission’s Proposed Non-Compete Ban and the Staffing Industry

By Bill Josey, Editor, Staffing Legal News - 11 Jan 2023 Background On January 5, 2023, the Federal Trade Commission published a proposed regulation flatly banning all employee noncompete agreements, defined as any agreement that expressly or functionally “prevents the worker from seeking or accepting employment with a person, or
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Verbal Recruiting Agreement Leads to Fee Litigation Between Recruiters

A California lawsuit filed by physician recruiter Levison Search Associates ("Levison") against Healthcare Recruitment Link, LLC ("HRL") illustrates the perils of verbal recruiting agreements. What makes this case unusual is that it is not your typical client-recruiter dispute.
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