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Aerotek Wins the Right to Arbitrate- But Loses the Arbitrations

In a landmark 2021 decision in favor of staffing giant Aerotek (and beneficial to employers in general), the Texas Supreme Court ruled that former Aerotek temporary employees could not invalidate their electronic signatures on arbitration agreements merely by denying that they signed them. The ruling in this employment discrimination case
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Justice Department Repeatedly Punishing Staffing Firms for Job Posting Violations

It's easy pickings for DOJ regulators There is a right way and a wrong way to address immigration status in a U.S. job posting. The DOJ website explains here. It's pretty simple: Right way: "Must be authorized to work in the U.S."
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Kforce Pays $900,000 to Settle Justice Department Claims of Hiring Discrimination

In a Press Release dated November 15, 2023, the US Department of Justice announced that it had reached a resolution of claims that staffing giant Kforce discriminated in hiring on the basis of citizenship.
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EEOC's "Artificial Intelligence" Settlement - Not Really an AI Case

But a Maryland technology attorney says she has a real one against a prominent legal search firm   It's no secret that the EEOC is ramping up its scrutiny of the use artificial intelligence in the employment context. The Agency in 2021 announced an initiative to: examine more closely
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Client's Supervisor Brings Politics to Work - Litigation Ensues

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EEOC Targets Staffing Firms in 2022

At least 12 staffing or recruiting firms were pursued directly by EEOC for alleged employment discrimination in the past year.
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