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New State Salary Minimums - Are you Compliant?

Everyone is familiar with the $35,568 federal minimum salary requirement for overtime exempt employees. But federal law is not the last word when it comes to this subject. State and local governments are increasingly adopting their own salary standards, including some major changes for 2023. Before we get too late into the new year, now is the time to verify your compliance.

Here are the 2023 state and local salary requirements that exceed the federal minimum:

Alaska: $45,136
California: $64,480
Colorado: $50,000
Maine: $41,401
New York City; Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester Counties: $58,511
New York - all other areas: $55,341
· Employers with 50 or fewer Washington-based employees: $57,295.60
· Employers with 51 or more Washington-based employees: $65,478.40

Because this is a moving target, you should always verify state and local salary and minimum wage standards in the jurisdictions where you have employees. And keep in mind that salary is only part of the exemption analysis – the employees must meet the applicable “duties” test as well.

Bill Josey, wjosey@staffinglaw.com